dr. rajat Kumar Srivastava ( A Biographical Sketch )

We are nature's creation and every urban human on this planet wants to look more beautiful & smart. One does apply either makeup or use addon accessories to enhance the looks. There is an art & science called Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. This expertise helps to enhance Nature's gift of looks.. Every cosmetic surgeon has a different hand while practicing the cut with his knife. There is a dedicated & care taking surgeon Dr. Rajat Kumar Srivastava who is practicing this surgery in the heart of Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh , India. He is a determined & devoted surgeon in this field and is so devoted that he even works and performs surgeries on Sundays. He undertakes the patients coming from trauma or non - trauma with full care & devotion. His expertise in this Super Speciality has helped his patients change their lives. He is married to Dr. Meenakshi Srivastava , a leading Gynecologist in Lucknow.

Professional Experience

Dr. Rajat completed his High School & Intermediate from Mahanagar Boys Inter College , Mahanagar, Lucknow. He competed PMT successfully and received his Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery from the esteemed King George's Medical College , Lucknow. He received his Masters in General Surgery degree from Baroda Medical College , Gujarat and he received his M.Ch in Plastic Surgery also from Baroda Medical College. He has numerous research papers published in Journals Of High Repute. He was associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , New Delhi. He served as Consultant of Plastic Surgery with a leading private medical college - Saraswati Dental College & Hospital located on the outskirts of Lucknow.He is now a full time Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Private Practitioner at Lucknow. He can be reached at Mayo Hospital , GomtiNagar or He can be reached at Apollo Clinic , Hazratganj where he provides consultation or he can be reached at Dr. Kumar's Speciality Clinic , Residence - cum - Clinic at Nirala Nagar , Lucknow.

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Hair Transplant Super Specialist

Male Hair Loss , Female Hair Loss , Post Trauma Burn Hair Loss .or need consultation related to Hair Grafting , Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration , Scalp Reduction.
He is one of the best Trichologist available in Lucknow and around.

Various cosmetic surgical facilities provided :

  1. You can opt to go for a Face Lift or Eye ( Blepheroplasty ), Eye Lid Correction , Cosmetic Eye Lid Surgery , Brow Lift , Nose Job ( Rhinoplasty ), Lip Augmentation , Lip Lifting , Lip Advancement , Ear Lobes Repair , Split Ear Reconstruction , Torn Ear Reconstruction , Dimples in Cheeks , or Chin Augmentation , Malar Implant , Chin Implant. If you want to go to get rid of Wrinkles then Wrinkles Management can be a solution or you can go for BOTOX. If you are suffering from Acne problems and if you need a permanent Solution then also we can work out. We can also give a Neck Lift or Neck Lipo and do job to enhance your Forehead . We do work on Skin Care and Dermabrasion.
  2. You can opt for Breast Reduction , Breast Augmentation or Cosmetic Breast Surgery , Breast Enlargement , Breast Implant , Mastopexy , Breast Tightening , Breast Lifting , Breast Up-lift , Breast Firming , Nipple Correction , Gynecomastia , Reduction of Male Breast Enlargement or if you want to enhance your body figure and shape .
  3. You can opt for Tummy Tuck , Liposuction or Mega Liposuction or Abdominoplasty if you are suffering from heavy weight problems in the abdominal area or suffering from obesity or need Weight Reduction , or a good Body figure , or need Body figure correction.
  4. You can opt for Genital Reconstructive Surgery or Genital Rejuvenation or Hymenoplasty , Vaginoplasty , Labioplasty , Hymen correction , Revergination ,Vaginal Tightening , or Revirginization , Hoodectomy , Labia Minora Trimming , Labia Majora Fattening , Penile Lengthening , Penile Fattening , Penis Enlargement & Penis Enhancement
  5. You can opt for Butt Contouring , Aesthetic Surgery or you can opt for Fat Reduction , Fat Removal , Gluteal Implant ,Calf Implant , Gluteal Augmentation , Buttock Implant , Buttock Augmentation.or Body Contouring.
  6. You can opt for Cosmetic Fingers ,Cosmetic Finger Correction , Removal of Burn Scar , and Removal of Moles , Nevus ,Warts , Melasma , Under eye circle.
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